Comment: The Rule of Law is better

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The Rule of Law is better

The Rule of Law is better than the rule of man which we have. I don't think you understand the Rule of Law. Because something is written down and stamped with a high seal doesn't mean it's the Rule of Law.

The Rule of Law means whatever the laws are, they must be obeyed by all. However some laws are inherently counter to the Rule of Law. If a law codifies different treatment for different classes of people, eg affirmative action, that is not the rule of law. That law itself violates the Rule of Law.

Of course most important thing about the Rule of Law is that the government must be subject to the law, and may not vitiate the law in special circumstances. Our Constitution has been essentially turned into a scrap of paper which is never invoked except to increase government power.

That said, the Rule of Law is only a half measure in securing freedom. One could outlaw all cars for everyone, and if the government also had no cars, the Rule of Law would be in effect. But that would not be freedom.

You seem to have a thing against freeloaders. I share this, but I blame you state worshippers more than I blame the 'POS freeloaders'.

You steal the money in the first place. You have set the example. You have said, theft is ok, the Ten Commandments do not apply to me.

You surely assert that theft is ok only for you, because you are the ruling class, or would be, but most people understand you are breaking yet another commandment with this lie.

So sure, I condemn sloth. But I condemn the theft that enables it and encourages it even more. You merely need to stop stealing, and there would be no more freeloaders.

But ultimately you do not want that. You do not want to stop stealing. Being evil, you feel better about yourself by telling yourself that at least you aren't a 'POS freeloader'.

But the truth is you are certainly a freeloader, using the money you stole from others as well as being a thief.

You want me to buy into your theft. I won't. When you send men with guns I will pay, knowing that I am bowing to your evil under duress.

But I won't call your breaking the commandments something it is not. I won't lie in turn and tell you that you are anything other than a thief.