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We had one of those

She threatened to run everyone out of the church. The Bible has an answer: Matthew 18.

Step 1: Go to them in private and ask them to make things right with __________ (the last person insulted). When they balk, say you're going to have to get more people into the situation.

Step 2: The next time you see her, grab the closest person to you and ask her to make it right to clear the air. If she balks again, you'll have to go before the church, which is step 3- the scariest step.

This is a redemptive process, for if they are truly saved, the Holy Spirit will not want to create discord. However if they're not saved, this might be a chance to reveal that fact and get it right - or at least get a spirit-quenching wolf out of your congregation.

I got to step 2 in my situation and she didn't show her face again.