Comment: trust you saw the post where i explicate Oyasin.

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trust you saw the post where i explicate Oyasin.

Our relations.

So yeah I was in security and if you or any of us needs actual on the ground physical security I'm only too glad to provide but I'd imagine the need is for IT security. Which I can also provide but we're learning to talk VERY MODESTLY about IT sec these days. It's actually made a joke of IT security because for the most part we're on the reactive side and if they really want to compromise our systems they generally do. So the whole emphasis on IT security has shifted to disaster recovery. Yeah we can do IDS (intrusion detection) and we can dynamically compile ranges and blocks of suspect IP addresses and we can slow down brute force attacks (but not stop them) and have alarms and bells go off but as far as proactive measures what are we gonna do? Build a large meat grinder and put a sign on it saying "free beer for hackers"? And I'll be honest and say there are more highly skilled crypto guys than me. But I'd point out that without serious back-hacking there's not too much more tools to be brought to the table and back-hacking can get us all the wrong kinds of attention.

My method of dealing with 4-Chan and Tor is to be blandly friendly and I just pray they find me boring and go bother somebody else.

I once had a client that became the targets of hackers in Qatar. Just a bunch of loon skript kiddies but they had learned the proxy trick and they were pretty much just having fun but it was totally screwing with ops. Oh and they were brazen, they left a calling card in a MySQL injection. So I email them and I take a gamble. I said Ullah Hu Akbur, are you picking on us because our software sucks or are you picking on us because we are Muslim? Well that was a NAKED LIE, think the clients were Presbyterian or something but they email back saying oops sorry, didn't realize you are Muslim, Ullah Hu Akbar. But that's back hacking for you. They use social engineering so we try to use it right back on them.

The other side of security is the PI stuff, private investigation and unless there's a specific individual of concern it's like finding half a needle in a thousand haystacks.

And it's a dark world brother Mike. Spend all day meditating on thoughts of the unrighteous and dealing with agents that are willing to do more than we can talk about for a paycheck. It's kind of hard to do that and not feel like some of that darkness rubs off.

That said, I'd be highly honored to include DP security on my resume and for me it's always come down to "if somebody has to do it it might as well be me" cause I already have that mark on me and I'll never shake it. And it's not a role I was forced into or was pressured or I went into naively. I went into this because I loved my Chief and I swore to follow him anywhere. So ironically I got into the iron trade for love. And this love has served me well. On the ground when I secure us, well I don't really.

When I secure us no outside agency or help is any help atall. Our people not only deserve the very best security but we deserve white-glove change your diapers and pat you on the head security. Nobody can secure us besides us because nobody else as yet can even remotely understand us. Oh and BTW we of ourselves ARE SECURITY and the teams are usually TOTALLY OVERQUALIFIED and trainable? My teams are all volunteer and these people fly, walk or swim from all over the nation for the HONOR to secure you and get what nobody else gets to have:


Even just thinking about it makes my pulse bound and joy flood into my heart. I have to say being a R3VOLUTION Marshal has been the absolute high point of my life.

So you call we come. It's a commitment. You already have my email.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.