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Indeed Yes

Irregardless of how you want to portray Rand, he is not a "roll over". Yes indeed, I do believe he is in a "Viper Pit" and has to calculate certain moves carefully. Question, have any of you ever walked up on a 5' rattle snake, and then tried to catch him? I have, and believe me, avoiding strikes and only having a stick I had picked up to pin him down with, it wasn't easy. I caught him finally, held him for awhile (tightly) to observe him, then let him go. (I had snakes as a kid)
My point is, Rand is surrounded by vipers, never knowing when one will strike and from which direction. Much harder than facing one head on. He is doing the best he can with what he is facing. And yes, I do believe truly that Rand is our "Trojan Horse" to the White House. And yes, if he makes it to the While House, he will have to deal with the "Den of Vipers". We must support Rand all the way and some of you should quit stabbing him in the back.