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Intentionally or not it

Intentionally or not it sounded very condescending. If not meant that way I apologize for the tone of my reply.

Look at the other response though. It is almost as if lack of a formal education is worn as a badge of honor here.

The problem is people watching YouTube videos have gaping gaps in their knowledge but can't see them simply because they don't have the necessary education.

Even when you state that it is all math and logic, you fail to take into account an incredibly important aspect which is human behaviour.

I am not FOR Keynesianism per se but I am a pragmatist, so I work with the system in place, rather than dreaming of what may be. I have found Keynesianism a good system to do business in and have no complaints so far. About an Austrian system I cannot comment as I have never worked under it.

In that sense you could call me a conservative as I am comfortable under the current system and don't want to deal with the risks of a new system.