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"That guy isn't throwing powder on anyone.

It's an optical illusion because the video quality is garbage and you're breaking it down into individual frames. What purpose would throwing white powder on people serve?"

I don't know and that's why it should be investigated by the police, no? Why would anyone throw this powder on victims from a bomb blast? All the more reason to INVESTIGATE.

"People who think the attack was fake, and conducted with actors, are retarded. The US government doesn't care about killing innocent civilians."

Yeah! The US Government has NEVER done that:

"So, why would they FAKE kill innocent civilians? Just to make things more difficult on themselves? Do you morons still check under your bed each night for the boogeyman? Grow the fuck up."

Oh, I dunno. To get the public to support their illegal wars?

No WMD's in Iraq

No link between Al Qaeda and Iraq

No attack on USS Maddox from Vietnamese

I'd like to offer you advice that you so generously gave to someone else: "Grow the fuck up."

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.