Comment: WTF are your links trying to prove?

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WTF are your links trying to prove?

Like I said, the US government doesnt care about killing innocent civilians. They do it all the time. I am well aware of all the unethical human experimentation that was conducted throughout US history. So, why are you linking me stories to what I already know? My point is that a government who doesnt care about killing innocents would never go through the trouble of FAKE killing innocents and using actors to cover the whole thing up. It would be a Hell of a lot easier to just kill the innocent civilians. Plus, they already do kill innocent civilians everyday. Thanks for proving my point, though. People who think the Boston bombing incident was fake, and the victims who were injured are actors, are retarded. It's exactly like believing the boogeyman will drag you under the bed while you sleep. It's a stupid theory that stupid people believe.