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"Not for a child. Parents take their children there for education. Children should not be worshiping anyone. They should only choose who/what/if to worship when they are old enough to. Are you saying that it's wrong to attend church to work on one's self? "

There is nothing wrong with education. If you want to go to church to learn stuff, that's fine, but that's not the primary purpose of church even if it's your primary reason for being there. There are better ways to learn in my opinion. If parents want to bring their kids to their place of worship so their kids can learn more about their parents or the bible I don't see what the problem with that is either, but they should be teaching them at home as well.
If one wants to work on one's self, they should try to follow the teachings of the Bible, but church is not the only place someone can learn about those. If someone learns how to better themself at church, that is fine, but that is not the purpose of Church, and shouldn't be an expectation from attending.

I agree that people should only become members of a church if they are old enough to make their own informed decision to join.