Comment: Does he deserve our political support, you mean?

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Does he deserve our political support, you mean?

Depends on your point of view on the viability and morality of using political solutions as a means to solving the problem and achieving liberty. If you're really a bout pure libertarianism then no, rand nor any politician deserves your support. The fact that there is even a Llibertarian party seeking political power often bewilders me. The only real solution for true libertarians is education and voluntary extraction from the system. Anything more than that strays into the territory of using force to achieve your ends and out of the true philosophy of libertarianism.

But if you see political solutions as a means or catalyst to start the ball rolling in the liberty direction than yes Rand deserves your support. If you dont believe that going amongst the masses and sitting with the harlots and publicans to teach them the principles of liberty in small easily actionable ways is a bad thing than yes. If you believe getting someone in office to begin the process of dismantling the machine then yes. If you believe you need to give kids training wheels to give them enough courage to hop on a bike than yes. Rand in this case does deserve your support because this is precisely what he is doing. Going to where they are and leading them with baby steps towards liberty. Sometimes its not a straight path and there are falls and seemingly wrong turns along the way. Does that mean I think once he's in office he'll rip off his shirt and yell viva la r3volution! No. Wysiwyg with Rand. Still a pale shade of liberty. Thats fine because thats all the public can handle right now. Ron was the meat, Rand is the milk. But while many of us fish from the dock hoping the fish come to us he's out there on the open water casting wide nets and pulling in large catches and bringing them back to our shore. Rand is not the destination or the philosophy, he is the stepping stone towards it, at least for those still outside our camp.

I don't see why both approaches can't work together simultaneously. It doesnt need to be an either or deal. Educate and self extract while sending wave after wave up to Washington to take apart the machine. Why we are focusing on just one good but fallible man and not focussing on sending the next wave to support him is beyond me. He twists and turns up there because he has very little to no support and has to do what he can to even just put the brakes on things let alone set the course in the right direction. We need to send in reinforcements. You'll never get pure libertarian quality out of a politician or political solution by the very nature of it, so there's no use distilling down the field of candidates to 100% because you won't have any left after that. But if you send in quantity (even if the quality isn't so great, I.e. those like lee or Cruz) you can begin to stop and repeal back the forces of opposition to the cause of liberty. Overtime you can distill and replace the quantity with quality and really start rolling.

As far as I'm concerned hitting from every direction with any degree of libertarian purity will overwhelm the anti libertarian forces and will lead toward our freedom. I believe in WAHOR and that many different simultaneous approaches will win the day. I try not to knock others approaches much as their methods may open up opportunity for mine and vice versa. Continue to encourage persuade and teach but try not to tear down those trying to make an honest positive difference.