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"Government" is much more than a label worn by certain individuals. It represents a moral principle, closely resembling a religious superstition, asserting that some people have a moral right to rule other people.

Government *is* more or less an organized religion for some, but I still disagree with it being more than a label. People can attach whatever feelings/emotions/duties they want to a label, doesn't mean they're going to stick or that people who choose to fall under such a label will abide by whatever is associated with it.

The problem is not "bad people" sneaking into positions of power over others. The problem is the belief that anyone has a moral right to boss others around and take their stuff, when they call themselves "government." That particular superstition is the problem, not any particular person or group.

I never said anything about "bad people", I said that people are simply too varied in their motives and worldviews for any political ideology to ever work out in the long term. Yes this includes people who, for whatever reason, hold the view that they, again for whatever reason, think they have the right to control others. So, I really don't see much of a disagreement here.

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