Comment: No, don't waste your time or our time.

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No, don't waste your time or our time.

Fishy I think you are much more suited for sitting home watching Youtube videos and playing internet detective than running for public office. If you were running for Congress I would not vote for you specifically out of concern for your irrational, paranoid fear of science-based medicine. That is to assume that you would have a chance at winning, which you do not, as running openly hostile to the GOP and Dems gives you essentially a 0% of winning. Perhaps you think that you can 'wake people up,' but if you knocked on my door with a platform about exposing 9/11 I would just roll my eyes and go back in the house.

And wouldn't you be AFRAID? You are the single most paranoid personality on this web site. Now you are musing about running for public office? Give me a break. Personally I don't feel like reading your claims about your opponents trying to kill you, sabotage your campaign, or whatever other delusional narratives you concoct.

You asked for feedback, and this is as honest as anyone will ever be with you.