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Perfect example

Despite being highly educated, you aren't educated in logic either. This is called ad verecundiam, which I mentioned supra. A point is valid or it's not, regardless of the source. A degree only impresses the rubes, who aren't equipped with logic. Tangentially I think the reason logic is not taught in our socialized education system is precisely because it puts you at the mercy of state-approved and state-licensed 'experts'.

My suggestion wasn't meant as a personal attack yet you took it thus. It still isn't personal. My field of formal education was software engineering and philosophy (hence formal and symbolic logics). I studied economics auto-didactically when I realized it's importance. Yet, despite not having a degree I understand more than most economics majors, which you may choose to believe or not.

What you should believe is that you might find learning quite salubrious and enjoyable. I'm not implying you can't understand it, quite the contrary. It may sound fantastic but understanding economics is like Neo being able to see the matrix. Practically everything which you may now think happens for no scrutible reason does in fact happen for a reason. I wouldn't have thought so prior, but now I think economics is arguably the most important area of knowledge. It gives you tools for understanding the world no other discipline offers.

The difference between a Keynesian and an Austrian is the difference between a poor auto mechanic, who fixes cars haphazardly and usually by cannibalizing other parts from the same car, and an automotive engineer who understands how cars function as a system.