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Criticizing is one thing

And i agree it can even help put up the smoke screen and cover to, as you say, "trick" neocons into voting for him. What i find counter productive are the Knock out blows and stabs trying to knock rand down a few pegs or completely out of the running because of a few disagreements people may have with him, to the extent that they vilify him and give fodder for our enemies to shoot him down with many of us as collateral damage. I'm all for education and keeping the message pure but not at the expense of canibalizing our own and remaining as lobsters in a bucket who can't climb out because we just keep pulling each other down. Nothing is perfect in a transition. Lee way is needed, but i understand and share your concern about keeping the message pure during this time so we don't ultimately go off the rails later on pursuing a false liberty.

And yes it's a grey area where even mild criticism may be considered by some to be over the top, and over the top criticism may be considered too mild by others. Perhaps a good gauge to decide where your criticism falls in the spectrum of "good constructive criticism and vilification" would be to ask yourself, "am I criticizing to correct and educate, or am I criticizing because I can't stand the person and wish they would go away?"
One is constructive, welcome and encouraged, the other is counter productive, destructive and not appreciated. Choose wisely.