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There's a large difference

between a label and a moral principle. One is a matter of vocabulary; the other guides real-world conduct. Fact: whether you call it "the state" or "government" or some other label, the type of organization thereby described occupies a "specially privileged" moral position in the minds of most people. That makes it something much greater than a label.

You wrote: "that people are simply too varied in their motives and worldviews for any political ideology to ever work out in the long term. Yes this includes people who, for whatever reason, hold the view that they, again for whatever reason, think they have the right to control others." That strikes me as a cop-out. I (optimistically) share your expectation that the political ideology based on people believing that they have a right to control others will not stand the test of time. But you say NOTHING is likely to work long term -- which would imply that the idea that people do NOT have a right to control others likewise will fail with time. I have a more positive view, myself: I believe freedom works better than government, and once people learn that truth, they will no more go back to statism than they will reject the basic principles of mathematics. Once you learn the truth about Santa, you don't suddenly start believing again.

The book I recommended to you is the one in my signature line. :)

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition,