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Comment: the graph is fine, there isn't a problem with it

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the graph is fine, there isn't a problem with it

The graph is fine, there isn't a problem with it, you just need to know how to read it correctly - it doesn't say what you think it says. See my post further down to educate yourself and know how to read these graphs correctly in the future. Seriously, it would be good for people to know how to read these, industries use these graphs to compare products, market share, and all sorts of various data all the time.

Here are several examples I found, I tried to ascertain the name of this type of graph, best I could get was "area graph". I got the following doing a Google image search for "area graph" & "mobile OS area graph".

Here is one showing a comparison of smartphone, PC, and tablet sales:

Apple's revenue broken down by product:

Here is an example of it showing % of smartphones on the market from 2007-2010:

Or just some random mock up of sales by some company divided by regions: