Comment: I will NEVER become what I sought to defeat.

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I will NEVER become what I sought to defeat.

Ron Paul lost. Not because of fairness, but because he was cheated, lied about, and few people in America cared.

I wanted, prayed for Ron Paul to win. I really thought that if people voted him in, it would have been because they wanted responsibility, honesty and Liberty in government, and an end to all wars.

This past election was my very first. It has hardened me, and softened me. I no longer care who the president is, or who wins in future elections. Rand can win or lose and I couldn't care less. Without people and the representatives that they elect making sound decisions of love and prosperity, it will continue on as it has.

Rand can turn out to be Liberty for all I know. But I will focus my efforts on teaching others to think and stand on their own. I will attempt to sway an ear to listen to quality and truthful news, rather than the controlled and corrupted media which pits one against the other for political gain.

I am taking my nation back. Others can help, or stay on the couch. Either way I am the irate minority. And that is all that it takes for me to win.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul