Comment: This is an opinion piece

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This is an opinion piece

not news. And that'd be fine, except the writer doesn't back up her opinions. *Why* is she saying there is a "tremendous shift" in attitude? She makes other broad conclusions as well w/o explanation. She also said this: The corn is registered as an insecticide because they engineer it to produce its own pesticide. It doesn't stop producing even after production or consumption. It is wreaking havoc on our human and animal digestive systems. How does she know that is doesn't stop producing pesticides after going through as acidic an environment as the human stomach? Who says it wreaks havoc on our digestive systems?

Articles like this are fine, I guess, for helping to spread awareness (and fear) of GMO's among the general public. But they're certainly nothing I can use to help convince those I've been trying to, people who *are* aware and don't believe they are harmful. They don't take a journalist's word for things. They need to know where the info is coming from. If the writer didn't wish to say what she was basing her opinions on, she could have given links for those interested to check things out for themselves.

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