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Any research into this

Shows that videos of it on youtube are being removed as fast as they go up.

I've only seen the full video one time that the stills were taken from. It runs for a while and shows clearly that the man in the cowboy hat in no way ran to the aid of the man who lost his legs. It was at least five minutes before the man in the cowboy hat was anywhere near the primary victim.

The man in the cowboy hat instead began disassembling and removing the scaffolding. Also, the man in the cowboy hat has been on television in four other news stories. Coincidence I'm sure.

Another video was taken from across the street and up the road a bit. It shows the man who lost his legs being wheeled twice down that same stretch. The first time, his leg came loose and they had to stop and reattach it, then is he is taken back around and run down the street again for a second photo op I guess.

Just go look for yourselves. I guarantee that the victims are all under close FBI guard and will soon disappear after the story fades, with a whole lotta money. No, they did not switch out an amputee, the man more likely just folded his legs back. How hard is it for an organization capable of this, to own a hospital and staff it as necessary? Check the connections to that building with the windows gone too....what corporation or bank is it tied to?

The moral of the Boston bombing is that a 2,000 man army was placed into a major US city. The bombing incident also justifies the further placement of armed militants into US cities. The entire DHS was initiated as a result of 911 and is built up entirely on fear of terror (nevermind any statistics that reveal you're more likely to be injured falling in your bathtub, but there isn't a 200 billion dollar program to prevent that or a media blitz of books, magazines, newstories and specials, movies etc.... to focus on bathtub deaths).

The united states is being broken financially. The world is being broken financially. There is an armed force being placed inside the US borders. Our military is largely deployed.

We are so quick to believe that our nation is threatened by the latest boogey man on the reality news. Yet we are so dense to not see the real threat. DHS did purchase upwards of 1 billion bullets, which is enough for our military to fight a 17 year war. They have another billion on order. They initially lied to congressional inquiry, and every "news" channel in concert mocked and avoided any mention of it all.

IF there was a force large enough and powerful enough to overtake the US, it would not be done by force. They would do it subversively with infiltration, deception, covert activities...etc. It is obvious that the "news" is all controlled as was clearly seen during the primaries last year.

Anyways, again, maybe go listen to Kennedy's "secret society" speech again and try to understand what he was warning of, and just how vast and powerful it is/was. And stop believing that hitler was a lone madman like your history class in school, and hollywood taught has taught. Maybe go listen to Norman Dodd's interview again...or for the first time if you have not. Consider how interlaced the "non profit" foundations were at the time in the 50's. Consider what he uncovered in the meeting minutes of just one of the "foundations"; every intent to take over the writing of history books, take over the state department, white house, media......manufacture war as a means to make fundamental changes.

Hard to believe? Well go and look, do some research. Tie it all together and you have your answers.

We here in America get not even a glimpse of what life is like in the areas where the people behind staging this invade. No power, no water, no medical, no communications, no food....despair, death, dismemberment, suffering beyond belief. What evil is capable of orchestrating that?

Just don't think America is immune from military takeover and the sufferings of war. Operatives of the same force facilitating the spread of violence overseas are within our government and now proclaiming America a battlefield.

One of their primary weapons of war overseas is the media. The art of psychological warfare has been studied and taken to new levels. What is being presented on the "news" and media here is exactly that. Everything from the new batman movie to headline articles and stories in the news......all thought out and designed to psychologically manipulate. Meanwhile a passive audience stands silent as thousands of armed troops are moved into country. A fertilizer plant explodes: In a large part curtailing the ability for America to grow her own food supply, and destroying a large amount of nitrogen which can be used to make weapons. Coincidence I'm sure and would like to believe, but it is what it is...another stake into the body of America, as in a bullfight.....sword after sword while the great American bull chases the red flag of terrorism.