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No I don't charge anyone for "truth"

I would never charge someone for this information. I have no intent other than to return to a lawful state of affairs.

Its not about picking and choosing which "laws" we consent to. It is about having a valid cause of action or not. If a valid cause of action is not presented in name of the accuser (the governed) then there is no subject matter jurisdiction of the court because a valid cause of action has not been presented to the court. If the maxims were followed to the tee then the cops and prosecutors would be held in contempt of court (or worse) for the attempts to sue in the name of another. Right now the State makes accusations, the state judges you, and the State collects the remedy. How can this ever be understood to be equal justice or a fair trail?

So consent comes from the accuser and from the accused. The difference with the accused not answering is that under common law back in the day this was known as someone who gives up the protections of law, an outlaw. Most knew the implications of living outside the law because they knew that anyone could just shoot them at will and there would be no justice because that man or woman had already voluntarily chosen to live outside the law as an outlaw. This is lost history that needs to be remembered because of the reasons WHY it was this way. The reason why was because it was the only way to not break the law to enforce the law. That is what real law is; a logically congruent pathway through procedures where justice can be implemented and never lose credibility through any unlawful acts. Breaking the law to enforce the law is not a requirement under real law. Law schools miss that point and that's why I won't go to law school. They would fail me because of my requirement of maintaining a logically congruent path of never breaking the law to enforce the law or seeking justice against anyone who breaks the law whether they claim to be enforcing the law or not.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...