Comment: Glenn Beck Is A Phony

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Glenn Beck Is A Phony

Glenn Beck pumped Goldline even after Peter Schiff told him that Goldline was ripping off their customers. Glenn Beck was still more than happy to collect Goldine's advertising money to rip off his listeners. That tells you everything you need to know about his character/ethics. On top of that, he did rip Ron Paul. Yes he has also said stuff like "Ron Paul was right about a couple of things" but it's more about stringing along his audience ("Oh I really think GB is changing for the better this time"). Give us a break Glenn. You are as phony as it gets. It's just sad that Vince Vaughn (who likes Ron Paul) teamed up w/ you for some venture (TheBlaze? Or maybe your TV show). In any case, Glenn Beck is not someone this movement should ever just blindly trust.