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I think

I think that's a fair distinction.

When I criticize Rand in my writing, it is always in order to clarify I statement or position that I feel is either not libertarian or at least is confusing and needs clarification.

Similarly when he is right on the issue we will highlight it because he is right and taking the libertarian position.

As someone who greatly admires Dr. (Ron) Paul, of course I have no ill intention in criticizing his son and don't wish the man any ill will. But at the same time I will not be concerning myself with the Jack Hunters of the world whose only concern is getting Rand elected.

My only concern is advancing liberty. If Rand does that and gets elected because of it, great. If he *tricks* neocons into voting for him by pretending to be like them or muddying libertarian positions however, I believe this can actually be counterproductive in many ways.

I feel the "Reagan Revolution" sent the true conservative / libertarian movement back by decades.

Let's not let that happen again.
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