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a couple of obvious errors here

really pedestrain stuff, but seeing as to how it escaped you:

one cannot sue in the name of another: This applies to civil suits, as is obvious from the word sue. A criminal prosecution, or an infraction pursued by a cop, is not a civil suit. SO, no, junior, this legal maxim doesn't give you a get out of jail free card.

An action is not given to one that is not injured - again applies to civil suits. no damages, nothing to complain about. However, it does not apply to crimes. A crime is a crime against society, not against an individual. There may nor may not be a victim that is readily identified, but there are and always have been victimless crimes.

Do I agree with that as good policy? Not in all cases. But it is the way it is, and was no different back in 1776 or 1789 for that matter. Or under the magna carta.

so sorry, it is a sovereign myth that there must be a victim for there to be a crime. Read a law book instead.

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