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Comment: The mark of a disinfo agent, even a lone wolf, is someone

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The mark of a disinfo agent, even a lone wolf, is someone

who immediately ascribes every crackpot theory they can to anyone who asks any little 'ole question.

Asking questions, as you know, about something that doesn't look right, doesn't automatically mean you subscribe to all sorts of far out theories. It simply means you see something that doesn't look right.

The over-reaction by the naysayers, tells me they either are very invested in the official story for their own mental well being, or, they are planted disinfo agents.

As the former, they are to be expected in any situation. But if the later, then their very presence proves the notion of inside job. A job that is NOT coming from the inside, has no need for disinfo agents.

Thus, if the "noise" of people trotting strawmen out before everyone against any and every question, is louder than normal - you can safely place a bet on the side of "inside job" at least to some degree.