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You are exactly like the tyrants

You say we know the truth, your a loser, etc. But what about the facts? Why not answer the questions with the very code you claim to be applicable. One line of questions I always ask the "court"/"judge" that they can never answer:

What capacity are you operating under right now?

They say something like "The State of X" where x is the STATE they are in.

Then I ask:

Is the State of X you are referring to the same entity that is under and bound by article 1 section 10 of the US Constitution?

To date: No Answer or "I don't know"

Why can't the Judges answer this question? I know why. It is because they would be admitting to be in breach of duty to their Constitutional Oath and this would give me a valid cause of action against them or they do not want to self incriminate. How am I suppose to know entity they are if it is not stated explicitly on the record? They are tyrants and laugh with hubris.

My research has not been one about internet sovereign citizen websites. Most of that stuff is garbage and even disinformation put out by the ADL in order to lead people down the wrong path. My research has been one of looking through history and especially case law history to find what is logically congruent to meet one criteria:

How do we enforce laws without breaking any laws?

I argue that thee logically derived procedures that are congruent within this is the only way to truly determine whether something is color of law or real law.

My path is not your typical "sovereign citizen" (this is an oxymoron sovereign is supreme authority and citizen is subject to authority). I look for logical ways within the history of common law to find out how can lawful procedures of law enforcement be implemented without breaking the law. Everywhere I look I see the "government" breaking the law; codes, statutes, ordinances, Constitution, Breach of Peace etc. My sole purpose in studying the law is to find its true protections through this logical congruency of not breaking the law to enforce the law. This is a humbling process of seeking truth. The "government" caused me to go on this journey with their all out violent tyranny against me and most people I know. Because of their tyranny I sought truth in the only way I knew how. I utilize the Federal Rules of Investigative Procedure with all bars raised to higher level of corroboration. If you wish to condemn me for simply humbly seeking truth then you go ahead but maybe you need to humble yourself before the fact that you cannot answer the questions I have put forth. You attack me but the facts I point out and requests for you to back up your position fail.

As far as the case I told you about losing this was because I have ID. The ID is gone now so lets see if they attempt to force me into contract. They have already tortured me and told me that I would die in a jail cell if I did not give up my right to remain silent and then proceeded to freeze me of 12 hours into compliance. These people are psycho killers who have mens rea to control others and who claim that they are the law. If that is what you think is correct then you are one of the tyrants.

We the People who seek remedy from their tyranny by attempting to use the courts to stop their violence and extortion in the lawful and just way but we always run into psychopaths like yourself who just want more tyranny and laugh at us while you further injure us. This has a limit.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...