Comment: I would guess that we are about 12% off the way.

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I would guess that we are about 12% off the way.

12% of the way towards restoring the Constitution. That's a W.A.G.

The early adopters have been here at the Daily Paul for 3 years and more. The late adopters are waiting to see. Finally, the early majority join the parade. Hey everybody Let's play Lemmings.

Markets work like this, it helps prevent everybody from doing stupid at once.

How much money, will how many people have to lose before the tipping point?

The twelve percent have already done the research, put alternate technologies into play. Metal and bitcoin; an asset based commodity and a service based commodity.

Those that help save the day will have more cred when it comes to changing the structural flaws in the economy; like giving Congress the authority to borrow.

It could go very fast once it starts. We are not ready.

Michael called us here today, or say rather we met by chance in the very nick of time.

We are here to Restore the Constitution.

Free includes debt-free!