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I am not as qualified as you

But I wondered the same thing. The black woman that his legs are on top of in the video was the first person taken away from the scene on a stretcher with wheels. She did not even appear injured from the photos. Here is her being taken away on the stretcher stretcher. Here is a picture of her immediately after the blast black woman. Finally here is an image of the double amputee after the black woman is wheeled away in a stretcher, notice that two people are attending to the hooded man whereas noone is helping the double amputee. stretcher, And for good measure here is another after the black woman has been whisked away on a stretcher (there is video showing this happened very quickly whereas the double amputee did not get sent off in the wheelchair for quite awhile), this time oddly what looks like a cop has his back turned to the double amputee instead of rendering him aid stretcher.

I hope I don't get banned for posting these pictures and asking why a woman who didn't appear to be injured would be taken away on a stretcher immediately, whereas a double amputee is left on the ground for several minutes not being rendered aid only to then be put into a wheelchair when videos of the event show there were multiple stretchers that could have been used. I don't have the answers but someone does, maybe we should ask them?