Comment: Why has democrat party been so successful?

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Why has democrat party been so successful?

The democrats have been so successful because they know they can not get all they want immediately. They demand 120% but settle for 10%, they figure if they get a chip its better than nothing. The next congress the push to get more is always on the table.

This is the reason the liberty movement will most likely fail. So many in the liberty movement believe that we need to have all or nothing. If a candidate like Rand is a little different, they would throw him to the alligators. Never mind that he believes 90% as the liberty movement.

If Rand gets support from the neocons, it could be a real game changer. He could even be our Trojan horse, in that a sitting President does have coat tails for new candidates to come to power

some day we have to start thinking about reversing all the crap that has been put upon us by both parties, even if it's a small chip at a time.

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