Comment: Are you kidding?

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Are you kidding?

I rarely venture over to the general forum. Have you been out front there? It's way to cannibalistic and depressing for me. 5 minutes out there makes me wanna runaway and hole up in a underground bunker. Ain't nobody got time for that. Not me anyway. Blues is the only thing depressing on this thread, and it's supposed to be so to make you feel good.

I was reading conflicting stories on another board about the DP shutting down as early as midnight last night. I just wanted to leave my mark in case Michael was to pull the shades and turn the light switch off for the last time. So whats the word then, is this place a done deal or is he keeping us open for business?


WTH jrd you turd? How the hell am I supposed to respond to any of this when it's so overwhelming that I'm drawing blanks? I feel so on the spot that I can't remember what I came here tonight to share. lol. It's going to take me 3 days just to listen to all this stuff. lol


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