Comment: I'm of the mind that one should always pursue what makes one,

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I'm of the mind that one should always pursue what makes one,


be it knowledge, activity, activism, projects, biz ventures, adventures, soul-ventures, etc.

and Voltron, we coalesce as a coalition, when needed, as needed.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul served as that focal point. Now, it seems many of us are driving aimless, occasionally getting into a fender-bender, with each other, and missing the enemy convoy, altogether.

Not apathetic, but speaking strictly for myself, the past two election cycles have proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that political systems are not how one achieves a true change or lasting freedoms.

But, there is definitely a force in numbers, the critical mass of awakened citizenry. And IMO, that is the only thing that it will change to 'win.'

In some sense, it's really easy: we don't need to 'challenge' the Powers That Be. We in fact make them utterly irrelevant, simply by ignoring them.

Utopian? Nope.

That's the most hilariously scary part: all it takes is enough masses of people to all at once say "No thanks, Ruling Class jerkoffs!"

A simple "NO!" ALL AT ONCE.

Now, years ago, communications system being what it was, the physical presence, a show of force, directly in view of the Ruling Class was a must.

But now, once ideas spread, it's instantaneous, and physically 'showing up' is not directly proportional to the actual physical number of those who have awakened and are aware enough to act on them.

So for instance, the issue of practicality aside, those who understand the dangers of NDAA need not march on DC to make a point; more than enough of us know of it, enough to resist at local levels, as many already are.

So, making a point about 'visibly physical numbers' is not as a big of an issue, as it may once have been, in the ever repeating Free Humanity vs. Ruling Class forever entangled cycle of history.

Especially now, I'd submit that as long as an actual mental shift has been made among a critical mass of humans, enough for each of us to act on them, is all that is required.

So, the constant question in my mind is: 'are we there yet?'

Have we reached a critical mass? In my most optimistic days of observation, a lofty 30% of Americans are awake. On some days 5%. Who can be 100% certain, though?

But in the end, I figure, WHEN each of us know better than to NOT 'ask for permissions' TO change, or pursue feckless wishful thinking of 'hoping a-holes to become angels' and stop mistreating us, then the world would've changed, instantly.

Like, what if 90% of Watertown, MA said "NO!" to the illegal door-to-door warrantless SWAT raids? What? Would they have tear gassed or mowed down every single resident?


Even tyrannies require a sheeple citizenry to give them the power. No slavery exists without the slave, at some level, willfully giving his/her master all the power in the world.

It has always been, and always will be the prison of the mind.

I've often repeated here that there's a reason WHY the Ruling Class expend what I'd estimate as 99% of all their efforts on mass brainwashing and propaganda.

There's a reason why in every single dictatorship, there are govt minders who censor thoughts and individual expressions of those thoughts, more than they actually put people to death, for the same reason since time immemorial: We, the always Freedom-longing 'peons' are many, 'They' are a few.


Thus, they always have to convince us, to police ourselves and each other. Not to mention, police our own thoughts, and each other's.

So, is there a 'winning' per-se?

In my mind, you win by accepting that you've ALREADY won, and start from there.

But, that is not to say that act as if you're already 'there,' there.

It's a shift in state of mind, with a specific goal in mind: I shall be free, when I am free, and live free, and others will do the same.

To certain extent, it is true that in a societal sense, one is only free as your neighbors are willing to LET you be. Be that as it may, if you're free in your own mind already, whether others physically "LET you be," becomes immaterial.

But, even your ratty nosy neighbor's actions originate from an operative belief system and an individual philosophy; they convince themselves that serving the tyrant is a 'greater good' and keeps their immediate reality more harmonious.

Hey, even acquiescent morons operate on some form of a philosophy: simple self-preservation (whatever form it may take).

We all know that ideas have killed more, and in fact liberated more souls, than any army or any weapon in history.

So the Human Family's story continues...

IMO, the Zen of it is, you've won, when you've decided that you HAVE won, from the get-go.

Everything else between the moment you decide in your mind that you've won, to you physically doing something about it, is just growing pains.

To wit: Agorism.

That, is the only answer I believe will work. It's simply developing a more attractive parallel competing by-pass system, to eventually making the statist paradigm utterly irrelevant.

I hate to say it, but in post SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, those who are most familiar with black markets will be the ones thriving. I too used to look on black markets with disdain. I don't just mean the violent ones ie (child-kidnapping/white-slavery rings, wet-works, etc) I'm speaking of ANY activity that has been natural and would be natural with or without govt presence, but one that is currently oppressively stifled by govt regulations.

Humans always spontaneously organize, find solutions as needed, supply trade and engage as needed.

The real question I've always pondered in depth, is how do you voluntarily continue the evolution of freedom principles, and have them last, without institutions. Well, the short answer is, you don't. Which begs the question; I'm sure during the Enlightenment Era, many of our ancestors must have come to a similar conclusion: an institution, a constant that can systematically embody human ideas and philosophies developed so far, is how one would ensure it.

But somewhere down the line, I believe the goal of a 'perpetual soul-university' or a 'library of the soul' somehow morphed into physical libraries and govt buildings, for maintaining the buildings' sake, not the original intent of perhaps using physical structure to house and foster a continuous search and evolutions of ideas developed so far, up to that said given point in each civilization's epoch in history.

So, while a complete 100% voluntary society maybe, realistically speaking, a damn near impossibility at this point, but so was the very notion of self-govt, in 1776, when tyrannies of monarchies and mercantilists were the norm. Well... speaking of the latter, we're still stuck in a fascist/corporatist mercantilist paradigm, but the current pitter patter we see all around us, I'd submit is the last throes of the dying mercantilists growing desperate.

There have never been a greater equalizer than technology.

The core difference today (despite some truth in the statement that Google has made us more 'stupid,' as we don't 'have to keep' all our the mind, but in the digital cloud, to be able to recall whenever we need something, as long as a browser interface is available): years ago, when new ideas developed, it was bound to select individuals, and physically bound in physical books.

Now, an idea can be concrete, stored and spread, instantaneously. It's a constantly evolving spontaneous order that constantly corrects itself via voluntary interactions by the millisecond.

Thus, long story short, while it may not be possible today, but pure voluntaryism is a worthy goal to pursue, just as 'self-govt' was a novel and worthy goal to accomplish, in 1776.

To me, we'll 'win' when we simply learn to recognize, that on the most part, 99% of human souls on earth practice practical 'anarchy' everyday, every moment that one does not directly come in contact with an agent of the state. Granted, they're hard to avoid, as there are physical implements of their ruling order all around us, from road signs, to building height. But strictly as a human-to-human interaction, 99% of our days are spent interacting with each other, voluntarily.

So in fact, "winning" truly means simply acknowledging the free state that we have always been in, always are, and always will be.

So on activism level, the apt question to inquire is, do we really 'win' anything via political elections? Or, do we only slow down the inevitable collapse of all implements of the State/the Leviathan?

Certainly, I support candidates who keep their oaths, use the current system we have to work our way out of it, or the most apropos use of it IMO, as so elegantly as Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul has done: use it as an educational platform to amplify great ideas that many have not heard.

But, like all transitional mechanisms within the confines of the existent status quo, they are a paradox: the more you use a pre-existent mechanism to work out of it, the more you legitimize it. Likewise, the more we keep engaging in fiat currency pegged economy, the more we legitimize the power of the Fed.Res. and the Ruling Class behind it.

So however small, the glimmer of freedom that we witness in every raw milk transactions/drinkers/farmers, organic food transactions/consumers/farmers, barters and exchanges, Bitcoins & other competing/parallel currencies, Gold & Silver and other commodities, etc., you may just be observing a small ripple that may turn into a tidal wave Tsunami!

But, of course, I could just be waxing poetic via my verbosity to convince myself that is the possible future. lol.

But hey, everything outside of us, always began with something inside of us, be it a single or a collection of thoughts coalesced into a single resolve, or internal catharses.

So, what I choose to believe, I choose to believe will manifest, if acted on it enough times by me, and those who think similarly.

So where were we?

Oh right, winning. lol.

I truly do believe, you've won already, when you decide you've won already.

It's always been a shift in the state of mind.

And, like all the things one may want to change in our spouses, family and friends, or whomever, if one's lived more than 5yrs on earth, it's hard NOT to recognize that no lasting change occurs until the individual has a deeply rooted internal reason to WANT to change: no one can make lasting changes, for them; they all have to do it on their own, individually, but more importantly, find an internal reason that prompts them to.

So, barring an alien invasion, our current course of history can only change when the enforcers of the corporatist state finally realize that participating in tyranny will doom them as well as those whom they despise.

So like it or not, fate has an unforgiving way of dealing with aberrations.

And if being part of an institutionalized guild of thuggery and assholes isn't an aberration of nature that karma frowns upon, I don't know what is.

It's just a matter of time.

And to a victorious end, speaking for myself, developing a parallel economy based on voluntaryism is the only way out of this, and in fact, is the only rational and logical evolution of human soul journey. With this much info available to us, I cannot imagine how we'd be moving 'forward' or 'win' by re-establishing another tax-based violent governing model.

And, seeing as how no tyrannical system has ever suddenly had a genuine catharsis and decided to stop itself, from itself, by itself, I'm afraid the current Fed. Reserve trajectory and the decidedly statist faction's will can only yield in the natural progression of fiat monetary system: a reboot to zero.

But the good thing is, the millisecond before, and after a currency collapse, talented skilled creative people will not lose any of their skills, knowledge or realization. And, the same natural resources below our feet will still be there to explore or steward. The only 'collapse' is our medium of exchange.

Thus we "win" simply by outlasting the bastards.

If anything, we should be feverishly making more liberty babies.o)

That, is how we "win." By outliving, outlasting, and out-breeding da bastaz!

Simple eh? LOL.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul