Comment: Even here in the SF Bay Area

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Even here in the SF Bay Area

The liberal talk show hosts agree, in particular two gay ones, more than the others. The straight ones are probably silenced.

Both state that the ACLU is way overstepping their boundaries.

And we have strict rules here, right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. At least to my knowledge. Probably across the nation.

Whatever couple of partners were trying to get flowers have the right to shop somewhere else. Which they should. If before my wedding some flower shop said we don't do straight orders I would flip them the bird and go find another shop.

It's not a flower monopoly, in fact I would wager "gay friendly" flower shops are hopping all over it and making hand over fist.

I've never understood gay amorous relationships so I don't pretend to. My former brother in law was gay and I thought he was a great guy. Really strange but a good guy. The best brawl I've ever seen was him kicking the crap out of some other dude.

I used to joke with him (being the good Irish Catholic) that God would smite him, he ended up getting poison oak in his behind. Yes, "in". That was great. That was months of joking. Then he started dating an HIV+ guy and I told him to be careful but he caught it and refused treatment, within months AIDS and dead later.

I don't know if it is a perversion or not. I'm not gay. Most humans lust after the opposite sex in order to procreate. That I do know as I did it myself. But I've never lusted after another man so I don't know if it is perversion or not. I just know I helped make a child whom I have ended up raising on my own for 12 years now. With no time to date, I'm sure there are rampant rumors.

I love my male friends. I LOVE them. Not in an amorous way, but they are my extended family, we are brothers, I have none by blood that I know of. I also love my female friends as they help fill in as a mother figure.

Unless someone is hurting someone else against their will, I'm okay with it, but only because I don't understand and because I'm tolerant. Maybe I am progressive in a sense, maybe I'm a collectivist, but I am me. And I'm here to stick. Even if I don't understand or don't agree.

My family is way anti-gay, in fact my own brother in law wasn't invited to my wedding but I made sure he came anyways, and he was a good brother, as weird as his lifestyle was. Many people may think libertarians are weird.

Actually, thinking about it, I think he was pretty perverse. He led my bachelor party. Kidding, we just smoked a lot of pot. Just don't tell anyone... We were actually "in a strip club".

So I think we may disagree on what perve is, but agree on an owner's rights. that's 0-0. :)

Good topic.