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You fail again

The STATE does have civil fines and assessments that are "civil actions". When asked who the accuser is the "court" says either you are your own accuser or that the DA/State Attorney is the accuser or in some states The STATE of X or the People of the STATE of X. All of these are a violation of the stated maxims and they are perjury or even outright fraud when considering the nature of the personhood status presumed.

The courts here locally have moved from saying you are your own accuser to the DA after I pointed out to them their logic fails because I just state that first this perjury and second that I just drop the charges. They have changed many things over the last couple of years not just in the courts but also what the cops are saying in response to strategic questioning. It is clearly, as predicted, having an impact on how they operate. This is the logical squeezing affect it can have when We the People know exactly what we are doing and why within real law.

You make it out like it has been same forever. That is completely naïve and small minded. It was actually quite different throughout the history of common law and even the US. One does not have to go back that far either to see vast differences from what we have today. I grew up learning inherently about lighter aspects of common law as common knowledge and being in a small town where an accuser was required. If a cop were to get up in somebody's business for no reason people would tell the cop it is none of their business. It was known the cops work for the people and that they had no authority to control other people and was definitely not their job. It was also known that one would go to the magistrate to file accusations against another. Slowly but surely the people let their guard down and bought into the drug war which then opened the door of tyranny to be unleashed. Now people are beginning realize what happened. The more tyranny the faster the population is going to awaken. So if you think it has always been the same you are literally living in a fantasy land. Yes, larger cities it has been gone for a long time but that does not mean that harming other people, in the name of preventing harm or under other color of law, has ever been lawful.

It is clear that most of the population is living like sheep and just staying in the middle of the crowd with no real purpose or clarity and are then easy prey for those who wish to feed off of them. This much is clear but it still doesn't make harming people lawful. In fact there is only one way to lawfully injure another and that is in self defense. No other act of harm is lawful no matter what any statute or judge or attorney says. It is because of the common sense of law that injuring someone is not lawful. You don't need a law book know this because it is the common sense that is at the foundations of common law. But what TPTB need to reverse all common sense logic out of someone's head is mountains of case law, philosophic mumbo jumbo by British control freak bureaucrats, tests, grades, certifications and on and on. I know people in law school and I have evaluated in detail some of the "philosophy" they teach them as "what they have to do" and it is literally insane. The law system is set up in this country right now where the prosecutors "must" prosecute any case assigned to them "whether they believe the person is guilty or not" and the prosecutors are literally promoted based on how many cases they win. This is totally insane unlawful tyranny. This is common damn sense that a case must be proven beyond all reasonable doubt but they make it out like that excludes your own self-evident conclusion of all the facts you are presenting. Fast train to crazy town...

The courts now locally also changed the oath in court due to a total failure they had on multiple levels to understand WHY the oath must be under God and not required to be under penalty of perjury defined in code. They violated their own codes when refusing to accept swearing in under God. FAIL! It is clear that the "courts" do not understand WHY the oath is under God and WHY God is recognized in law in the first place. Exercising law without the concept of God is like doing mathematics without zero. You may be able to do a few things but the whole picture will never fit together. It is so precise in its logical position in law that it can be equated and interpreted into actual programming code literally as the null set. These corrupt criminal goons calling themselves the "court" clearly do not understand the very precise logical nature of Law and most importantly are completely missing the entire WHY factor. All they do process procedures that have maximized the amount of crime they can commit. If this is not self-evident walking into any traffic court then I don't know what planet you are living on. Crime factory that is what it is when one looks at from the perspective that Law is there for PROTECTIONS not to enable mass production of crime!

I have found that law is so precise in logic that I believe that it is possible to strictly construct law in discreet mathematical programming. An algorithm of true law. My prime skill is programming and from my deep knowledge in programming I can see clearly how and why there are so many programmers challenging law out there. It is because programmers are so detailed in their logical construction of the world that law does not make any sense if law is broken to enforce law. This fails logic. I am not harming anyone minding my own affairs and then wham! some psycho barges into your life and throws all these codes at you and then says hey I am just doing my job and then you find out no one is accepting liability for the injuries they have done to you and you must further be injured and pay the ones who "judge" YOU as a "person" under some code written somewhere that You had nothing to do with being there. If you accept this as a lawful state of affairs then in all of your "training" you missed the very essence of law. The Law is for PROTECTION!

This concept of programmatical logic driven perspective of law is far beyond the sloppiness of most attorneys. All variables and data types need to be declared, accounted for and processed properly in programming. If the logic is not a perfect match of compatibility then the function you wish to perform does not happen. It is yes or no. I can see that tools for living within real law will soon begin to emerge. These tools will utilize the laws of nature as its basis in logical processing and then people will begin to see they have a choice on how they choose to protect themselves and maximize efficiency of infrastructure establishment and maintenance. I believe these tools will eventually shatter the current criminal paradigm because of the very logical structure of utilizing the laws to achieve exactly the precedents needed for common law to become organically strictly construed by the People. The tools will be beyond the capability of the State to control and it will completely usurp the necessity for corrupt centralized goons running the show of tyranny r us. Yes real law in the context of the new technology paradigm is something most cannot see right now but they will soon and then humpty dumpty will finally fall.

We are not bound to the current lawless anarchy of criminal thugs controlling us through a corrupt and rigged "elections" processes and "courts". It is of no consequence to those who understand under real law because the laws of nature are logically congruent and applicable within this clear understanding of law as something simple not complicated. Divine law is the ultimate guide through inspiration for search of truth and the logical pieces that come from divine providence are supreme in its effect of order upon the universe. Unlock your mind they have programmed you to do their bidding and give them total control over truth and your entire logically derived motor function. It is totally sound logic to seek truth of law in terms of not violating any law to uphold the law. Finding this truth is the only real battle there is.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...