Comment: It's really weird reading this

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It's really weird reading this

and all the other online stuff about Boston, here on my laptop in my home up north. It feels surreal, like a deja-vu-but-not-really sort of feeling. I feel so far away (in many senses) from what happened, even though it's my hometown and I'm still there often. Maybe it just hasn't 'hit' me yet. Maybe because the reaction to the 'shelter in place' was met with virtually zero resistance. Maybe it's because I'm not sure which version of the story to believe, so I believe none. Maybe because I'm already desensitized to all the pointless violence.

Thank you for pointing out a silver lining Mr. Nystrom, as thin as it might be.

Sorry for rambling a bit. It's just kind of odd for me to talk about this in such a public place and I really don't know how to articulate what I'm feeling.

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