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Again you missing the WHY??

You can read law books all day long, practice court procedure, make deals with other attorneys, file paperwork according to the rules of the court templates, etc. and this does nothing for finding the true essence of the protections of law. If one is not humbling themselves to the discrete detailed logic of true congruency for maximum protection of law then what is one doing?

Here is the WHY behind the codes and statutes not claiming applicability to the People.

Lets review the relevant entities defined in Organics Laws
Governments are instituted amongst "Men" (men and women law is masculine form).
We the "People" create/ordain/establish/institute "Government" with a Constitutional Contract

Due to Common Law governing contracts this is a common law strictly constructed contractually binding agreement amongst "Men" who instituted Government. The Contract creates a US Citizen or Person for that strictly confined limited liability operational capacity. The only way for men to get into the capacity of the Person of the US Citizen is through the contractually binding oath. When the Person is under the veil of the Constitutional Citizen they are bound by their voluntarily contracted duty. Common Law governs the contract between the men through the Constitutional Contract. Regulatory procedures, conduct and prohibitions are then further strictly construed through legislative code. This regulatory code applicability passes through to all persons created under the lawful authority of Constitution. All regulated capacities must be derived from a mutually contracted limited liability corporate veil. Corporations that register with the state for limited liability register for regulatory personhood status in exchange for certain benefits and obligations of regulation based on strictly constructed rules for body corporate operation. The companies voluntarily contractually created the legal person subject to regulation for a sound limited liability framework driven by reasonable needs for such large and diversely populated organizations. Codes doesn't claim applicability to Men or People due to the voluntary requirement for entering into such a contractually created capacity. If you signed up for it you are expected to know the rules applicable to it. The People, men and women, however must be born free of all obligations in order for no laws to be broken. Putting obligations on one who does voluntarily agree is extortion and now systemic fraud in the current system. Common law applies to all People who choose to live within the protections of common law is voluntary but also has potentially deadly consequences for those who wish to live outside the protections of law. The only two real categories of disputes comes down to Breach of Peace or Breach duty with all facts presented determining the type of breach known in law from precedent. People are always full liability because they are not under capacity of someone else's time and they are acting on their accord not under direction or duty of some contractually defined capacity. Having full liability means that protections of law becomes a balance of liability between the accused and the accuser under common law. This is how the real protections of law work. The people are not in a person capacity because they are full liability and may have never voluntarily /lawfully entered into contract for a limited liability capacity of the legal person.

The u turn unknowingly made was with the fraud of the 14th amendment making all presons born in the United States and subject to the jurisdication therof "citizens of the United States" Here we have a newly created (unlawfully) capacity called the citizen of the United States. Another government created capacity. Hey slap some birth certificates on top and you got yourself a whole society of People turned into persons now subject the codes and statutes that were intended for function and operation of government. Throw another load of coal on the boiler in this fast train to crazy town. Lets make People person capacity in government through their birth certificates and give their private info to a private bank who can then run the future profit earning potential calculation of the amount of income taxes that "person" will pay to the IRS over their lifetime and have that bank tell the government how much funny money to print to give to the bank so the bank can loan it to the government and "persons" at interest in such a way that only principle goes into circulation while principle plus interest owed back to the private bank who is profiting from the interest on the loans of this unlawfully defined tender placing an entire nation into bondage from birth and ensuring that all property is economically vacuumed from the people's hands into the bankers due to the mathematically guaranteed law of nature expressed by P< P+I. Dude the entire rule of law has fallen from all of this confusion about what laws are applicable to what entities and WHY that is so.

You may be an "attorney" but you clearly do not study law if you consider any of this code being applied to people as lawful. The founders were geniuses and while we stand in awe of their works the level of their genius is difficult to even comprehend because of their laser like precision with every word. It is literally the most beautiful thing I have seen ever anywhere once I realized exactly what they actually did through the contract. It is amazing and these two bit tyrants of procedure today are so freaking retarded in their drunken corruption that they can even hold a match stick up to the blazing galactic inferno of enlightenment enshrined in the Constitution and DOI.

So Dave maybe it would be better if you thought of law the ways musicians think of music. They learn everything they can only so that they can forget it. When your forget it because you have learned its essence it is natural common sense not millions of pages of insane code justifying murder extortion, kidnapping and all out tyranny. This is the nail in your coffin dude. I really hope you come with us instead of fighting us. The genius is there for us access it right now!

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...