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perspective & semantics

1- I'd die for my family but could never live for them. It would make everyone miserable and resentful. I will change my life to suppurt my family through cancer, Olympic dream or millions of smaller issues because I want to help them. Not because I'm trapped by my own life and have no alternative.
I give to charity not because IRS puts a gun to my head but because I enjoy helping others. Turns out being selfish and an individual is actually more giving and social because no Gov force is required.

2- Deflation is good. If not your cell would cost $2000 and $25 per minute. For the relative price of an abacus you can get a laptop. So what, if less people are making more! Thats great! Because it allows us to have more variety and luxury. If we produced goods and services with the efficiency of cavemen with cavemen tools. We'd be living in caves.
Wages lag. Inflation- good & services inflate faster than wages. Deflation- good & services deflate faster than wages.
"only need to work 20 hours a week to support a family of 4. How to resolve this one is way over my head." I really hope you're joking!