Comment: I watch this show, Honestly you are reading into it a bit deep

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I watch this show, Honestly you are reading into it a bit deep

Continuum one of the rare sci-fi shows on the SyFy channel that's actually fairly well done and intelligent lol. So I downloaded Season 1 and watched it over the course of a few days.

I don't know how far along into the season you are, but if you keep watching you will see that the show deliberately does not take a stand either way:

They don't 100& demonize the 'terrorists': although they obviously do not paint them as noble for resorting to violence, their grievances are portrayed as legit.

Because they certainly take pains to portray the corporate globalist government as dehumanizing, totalitarian and evil. They do not portray it in a positive light whatsoever.

The main characters core struggle revolves around getting home to her family of course, but she becomes more and more torn about her mission as an enforcer for the state and questions her values pretty hard.

No, I think it does a pretty good job at laying out the issue for the viewer to contemplate what's going on - it stimulates thought and that was the producer / writers intention (from an interview)