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not everyone uses Zen

there are a lot of small businesses with their own websites and making major changes isn't free. Switching over to a whole new "free" system would cost even more. And I don't buy it will only take an hour either. They tell me my taxes can be filled out in x number of minutes and they are way off on that. Also, the insurance companies think submitting insurance forms only takes 20% more time and they are way off on that too. No wonder health practitioners are getting in trouble for "copying" data from one visit to the next.

A bigger problem is the large increase in taxes most people will be paying - some over 10% more. People will buy less here and more in Canada or wherever.

Then as Wyden points out there are over 8,000 tax jurisdictions in the USA. A lot of other entities add on their own sales tax. AND there are different taxes on different types of products too so it gets very complicated.

Ron Wyden speech on Senate floor