Comment: Could the "door man" be an agent?

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Could the "door man" be an agent?

Could the "door man" be an agent who is relaying instructions to the brothers? Hmmm...

Or maybe, just MAYBE the guy in the door is scratching at his ear canal. GASP. No one EVER does that. NEVER.

I love how the author of this YouTube video ribs the FBI for shoddy work, yet the entire video is littered with the phrase "work in progress", as if the FBI's case against the brothers isn't also a "work in progress."

I believe the government is capable of evil things. You need look no further than the civilian casualties from our wars to know that. But not everything evil in this world REQUIRES government involvement. I know the *spooky music* and accidental misspoken words as a title, "Nothing More," make it seem SO much more believable that there's some massive government conspiracy going on but give me a freaking break. This isn't as bad as the "actors" theory, which is downright offensive (are the other several dozen victims with amputated limbs just ACTING too?), but this is pretty pathetic as well.

The "white pixels" are from a spec of dust on Green's phone. There are a few other specs on his phone if you simply look at the original photo of him holding it up here:

That didn't take a 12 minute video to point out. But I guess I don't need spooky music to make my point.

If the brothers were framed, why the hell would they keep them both alive? They wouldn't; they'd BOTH be dead.

I'm all for questioning the government but this is really ridiculous. Take this garbage back to GLP where it belongs.