Comment: Looks like the "pro's" stack up pretty well..

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Looks like the "pro's" stack up pretty well..

Security sounds like an issue, but if you can get that sorted then
you should be able to generate enough income from car parts
and your existing business to allow you to do labor intensive things
to improve the property in ways that will make it nicer and generate
income and/or make yourself more self-sufficient.

If you're short of labor, maybe you could get some
trustafarian interns from Austin or somewhere to help
out ;-) Mixing mud bricks or tending the aquaponics
will do 'em good (valuable experience, that).

BTW - container structures are interesting, but in that country
adobe/straw bale/rammed earth/earth sheltered construction
offer a lot of possibilities - all that mass will tend to minimize
heating and cooling requirements, among other advantages..

Good luck!