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You're either just a troll

You're either just a troll, or you're so mad you'll say anything to get a rise out of us or you're just reeeeeaally bad at arguing. Yes, man may kill if God tells them to in a direct command. He desires someone or something to be destroyed, he gave them life and he can choose the way it is ended, it's not premeditated murder with malice aforethought. Yes having a medicinal remedy, be it wine or weed is ok to relieve suffering, but it's not to be abused, since God NEVER said you can't EVER have a drink of wine, he said "Do NOT become DRUNK on TOO MUCH wine". This really is simple if you care to think about it, but I see that you don't care to think about it. I'd rather be at peace with you, I just don't like to see you distort God's word for your own devices.