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Comment: I was at my parents house

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I was at my parents house

I was at my parents house with my grandmother a few weeks back and we got into an argument about politics, economy, rah rah rah. My GF was involved also. She brought up the minimum wage and how people cannot survive on it. Currently the minimum wage is $7.25 and people want it raised, etc. The argument started about prices rising and salaries not keeping up. I stopped the argument and told them I worked for minimum wage in high school for $5.15, my girlfriend worked for $7.25 in college for a bit. I asked my dad how much he was paid at his first job, he said $1.25 an hour. Finally I asked my grandmother how much she earned at her first job, she said she made $.35 an hour.

I asked them if they noticed anything strange about that. The work, labor, and product had not changed yet the price had gone up.

Southern Agrarian