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For now perhaps

But we should not just settle for the Rand Paul limited version of liberty if we are fortunate enough to get him elected. We should still keep pushing for the Ron Paul full version of it. Rand would just be a huge step forward toward that goal.

I take issue with this though: "We will never achieve a more free society just by getting certain politicians to say the right things and get elected and then enact their policies. The people must change the way they view government; they must change the way they view the use of collective violence to achieve their goals, rather than through free markets and reasoned persuasion."

I'm sick of seeing this extremely utopian vision of what everyone is like. Many people do not support liberty and will ALWAYS support government. That's why we should absolutely be involved in politics and pushing for as much liberty as we can actually get, regardless of if it falls short of our ideals. Because we don't live in a world of ideals we live in a world of realities.