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Mailing lists

I went to one of the conventions, paid to attend, and I am on a few mailing lists as a result.

The sad fact of our dictatorial conditioning shows up here too. It is a problem caused by few people as few people target many people. This may sound off the wall to you, but to me it is perfectly clear in my mind.

The end result of a population constructed around lies is this end result of each person dictating to each other person.

You wrote:

"I'm looking for opportunities to be active for liberty."

If you read one book, for me, I'm asking you to do this, because it will make me happy to know that you read this one book. You may have already read it.

The title is Mostly on the Edge, and the author is Karl Hess.

I think the answer to your question can be found in the mirror, which is a figurative way of saying that you, and everyone else, is the answer to your question, as we all invent, produce, and maintain opportunities to be active in liberty.

In other words, The Problem is either/or asking someone else to invent, produce, and maintain opportunities to be active in liberty, either that, or instead of that, someone dictates what must be the one and only opportunity to be active in liberty.

Masters and slaves seep into the genetics, it seems, instead of those in liberty allowing each of us to exist without masters or slaves.

I don't know if my words have any use for you. I just thought you may want to read that book, it is a good one on this subject, so don't let my words keep you from it.

Here is a link: