Comment: Let's get ONE thing straight!

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Let's get ONE thing straight!

His legal defense team ISN't interested in having him plead Innocent.....all they care about is reducing the Death penalty to Life in prison! The so-called "Defense" team could care less about "defending" this poor teen whom I believe is innocent and SHOULD be tried as INNOCENT. This alone is egregious! Ole OJ Simpson was tried as Innocent, and there was more evidence in spades, moreso, than this college student, let alone the fact he had motive! What motive would this Dartmouth Mechanical Engineer student have? NONE, ZIP, NADA.

Plus, other things, including the tree, if they have before and after photos of the Marathon, THAT ALONE is totally suspicious, and to think that the City of New York has conspired (Mayor Bloomberg) with the FBI in TAMPERING with the evidence? No Media is covering this part, and that is egregious.

There are so many more reasons to think he's TOTALLY INNOCENT:

1. The Fact the FBI lied about the Special Ops Craft guys being there---why would they lie about that?
2. The Fact the FBI lied about them having a drill that day, with bomb-sniffing dogs in full force as witnessed
3. The Fact we saw one Special Ops Craft guy WITH what looked like the SAME backpack that was left & blown up, the SAME backpack that had the white square on the topside which was viewed on the backpack that blew up! The Fact this "evidence" is TOTALLY ignored by Big Media is disgusting!
4. The Fact the Police had Tamerlan alive and being put inside a squad car, then, next we see him knived and shot dead? A neighbor called in to say she had witnessed a squad car running him down, not his brother, as the FBI claimed. The Fact that SOMEBODY wanted him dead, what, so he wouldn't "talk"? Who, but the FBI, would be culpable here?
5. The Fact that SOMEBODY wanted Dzhokhar dead with all the bullets fired into the boat---like Gerald Celente said, "What happened to talking someone out of the boat?!". They had hundreds of Swat teams/police surrounding him. The Fact Dzhokhar climbed out of the boat CONSCIOUS & UNinjured on the left side of his face & UNARMED is really incriminating evidence of the FBI or whomever attacked him afterwards, as the next thing we see he was UNconscious, down on the ground handcuffed, and blood all over his LEFT side of his face, and in "serious" condition, and NO questions by the Media?

It is my opinion a GOOD COPstopped this heinous attack in process! That is the only way Dzhokhar has lived. Of course, the cop can't talk about the incident, but there were many, many witnesses (cops).

So, the only ones who seem to have MOTIVE in covering this crime, & the crime scene up, and in killing Tamerlan and attempting to kill Dzhokhar, is the FBI/CIA within our very own government.

But, WHERE is Dzhokhar's defense team? Oh, yes, they are busy trying to reduce his sentence---guilty before proven innocent, but in his case, they have played along with the Prosecution & Big Media & Mayor Bloomberg & certain angry politicians like LIndsey Graham, etc. Oh, yes, they are busy bees.

I would wager to guess that WE, here at the DP, would be BETTER ATTORNEYS for Dzhokhar than what he's getting!

This whole thing is disgusting! Yes, we have GOOD REASON to believe he is INNOCENT of this crime. He may have known his brother was involved with the CIA, to what extent we don't know, but hey, I'm sure the FBI/CIA people come at you luring you in with BIG bags of money & saying what a "stellar" citizen you'd be in "helping" THEM do this or that. Right----