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Comment: I think it was a reply, not a thread.

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I think it was a reply, not a thread.

I don't recall which thread or who said it, but it struck me, too.
I saw an excellent article that faulted Mother Teresa for promoting love, the author cried out for justice. To me, they are the same thing. If I see you running around killing people, it is the LOVING thing to do, to seek justice for you. Justice gives YOU the opportunity to face the damage you have done, to "repent" and to serve your sentence for your crimes. We have perverted the notion of "love" to believe it means sex, or warm and fuzzy feelings. We have perverted "justice" to where it means revenge or punishment. Justice, truth, liberty... they all become twisted images of what they should be unless they spring from love.
As I process the whole event, it is the lack of justice, or even a fair imitation, that haunts me. Bin Laden was the warm up act, now Americans have developed a taste for feeding Muslims to the lyin's.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.