Comment: I learned to ski on "free passes" when the going rate was

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I learned to ski on "free passes" when the going rate was

between $30 and $65 for a day pass, per person. A family pass was typically most of $1000 bucks. After the promotion that got us free passes ended we figured we'd have to give it up, but that winter our local resort offered $199 family passes. Skiing in general was waning, the slopes were abandoned on weekdays. They did it to generate a little business. The response was overwhelming - all the local resorts now offer similar values, and you can get multi-resort passes for even better deals. Skiing is wildly popular again, and over the 15 years since they dropped the price, it has only crept up to $229, that increase happened this year.
I won't go to concerts any more. The price for a ticket usually exceeds the price for me to go buy every CD they made, and have better quality and control of the volume. If artists brought the price back down to something where I felt I was getting fair value for my money, I might go again. I'm saying $20 IS the fair market price... whether Kid Rock's fans will agree is questionable, but there is my prediction. $20.

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