Comment: This is all about national id and e-verify.

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This is all about national id and e-verify.

How does the government make sure EVERYONE is in the DHS database.

You think e-verify was created to STOP illegals? Quite the opposite. It's part of the open border agenda. Overnight, once amnesty passes, the feds can flip the switch in the underlying national id database from "work authorized" = N to = Y.

There's a flip side to that. They can "accidentally" flip the flag on citizens who are political opponents from =Y to =N. Then what are you going to do.

How do you get in e-verify in the first place? Your state provides all of your license data to the feds, that's how.

This "immigration" issue is about one and only one thing: national id, of which e-verify is just one dimension. So, is "closing the g*n show loophole", by the way.

Do you think it's a coincidence that g n
b ckground check bills are going through congress at the exact same time as immigration "reform"?