Comment: Too many army spambots and CIA interns posting nazi stuff

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Too many army spambots and CIA interns posting nazi stuff

Too many army spambots and CIA interns posting nazi stuff here to discredit the D.P., that's why! Doubtless the moderators spend a more time clearing this site of spambot trash than actually conducting routine maintenance.

It is well-known that the D.P. has become a playground for the new hires at Mockingbird to tickle the ivories of the Mighty Wurlitzer and play a tune to besmirch the liberty movement.

Hokey one-liners generated by army spambots on youtube and the NY times comment sections are a thing of the past. The new AI algorithms developed by the DSA are much more advanced.

They get fine-tuned with the help of interns at the discretion of the incredibly incompetent yet still powerful fuehrer of the FBI, "Gestapo" Muller.

Gestapo Muller's brainless stupidity and carelessness has caused him to lose a lot of authority in this area. He had wrenched Mockingbird functions from the CIA years ago, after they dropped the ball too many times.

But Gestapo Muller himself has been forced by the vast internal struggle among the tangle of competing police state functionaries to "share" personnel and tasks with others, such as the DSA and NSA. Since the NSA has the power to store every single communication made by anyone, anytime, they have the goods on Gestapo Muller and the other SS men in our caring police state.

But the main testing ground for propaganda and counter-intelligence dissemination training is right here, folks. Just by exercising our rights, we're unwillingly helping our police state become all-pervasive and invincible, while indicting ourselves for the rest of our lives, "should the need arise."

Kinda makes us feel important, doesn't it?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"