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Because "house" is a moving definition

Back then it didn't include A/C, granite counters, cherry cabinets, double stall garage with opener, landscaped plants and bushes or many other little conveniences of today.

When those are figured in, they increased the house cost by about what the tech advances have decreased the base house cost so it's been kind of a wash.

The take-away from this should be the inflation of money has quadrupled the entire market's worth "when measured in dollars" in 40+ years. It's gone up about 25 times in 100 years. But we really don't measure things in dollars as much as we do in hours of labor. Dollars are a moving place holder.

The worst part is that wages haven't kept up. Due mostly to the banks' role in finding ways to rob us (way too many to list here), we've been hit on both ends in that game. Our gross salaries have fought "efficiency" competition so they didn't climb while at the same time, our compulsory expenses (from taxes to buying services that used to be free to planned obsolescence) have risen. The century's track record is not as bad as the last 30 years but even after accounting for increased standard of living, we're still 4 times under water overall.