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While I understand that it is a privately owned site, I think censoring information, nonsense or not is a bit anti intellectual.

I think pasting a label onto something as "ok information" or "nonsense information" again prevents creative minds from expressing and posting.

Furthermore, if you would have asked me personally 10 years ago did I think 9/11 was fake, I would have laughed in your face (joined the Army because of it and deployed >.<). Regardless, now the more I look at that scenario the more I am convinced that I simply do not know. It also would not surprise me if it was fake. Our government can be downright tyrannous at times.

Ten years ago that would have been "censored information". That would have been a "crazy stance". It is just an example, but it proves my point.

I mean if I wanted filtered information, I might as well log onto fox news or cnn and get my daily dose.

All in all, of course it is a private site that can do what the owner wants. However keep in mind, this site is popular BECAUSE free flowing information is allowed here. Censoring information may or may not be in the site's best interest.