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I had originally thought it

I had originally thought it to be powder as well and it drove me crazy to figure out what it was.

I read one person who said it was blood clotting powder, and after doing some research it seemed to be a plausible answer. But then people here on the DP said it was cloths or towels, and that when he throws the towels they open which makes it look like a powder or something. I have watched it several times and I believe it is towels. If you look at what he has in his hands before he throws them, it definitely looks like cloths or towels until it is thrown.

Of course some on here think it is "Explosion dust... for realism". Apparently you get some "explosion dust" thrown on you and you come out looking like this:
See it on her arm there, doesn't that dust on her arm really make you think she actually was hurt by a bomb. I know without that dust there, I wouldn't buy it.